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Conquest of Paradise: The Exploration of the Grand Canyon

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Kursnummer 19-33298
Kursbeginn Di., 05.11.2019 (Termindetails siehe unten)
Kursende Di., 05.11.2019
Kursgebühr 8,00 € (Tages-/Abendkasse)
Dauer 1 Termin
Kursleitung Gerrit Helling
Anmeldung möglichst bis 31.10.2019
Status Plätze frei
In the middle of the nineteenth century large parts of the American Southwest were unknown territory. A region that includes today's Grand Canyon National Park and Southern Utah, an area bigger than France, was unexplored. In May 1869, John Wesley Powell, a Civil War veteran who lost his right arm during the Battle of Shiloh, set out with nine men, four boats and food for ten months to explore the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. Even though his crew had no whitewater experience, they challenged some of the wildest and most feared rapids of the continent. Finally, after more than hundred days on the river Powell and some crew members returned from the expedition, totally exhausted and half-starved.
Follow John Wesley Powell on his exciting, dramatic and tragic expedition that marks the last great exploration of the American West.

19:00 - 20:30 Uhr
Herford, VHS, Raum 101
Münsterkirchplatz 1, 32052 Herford

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