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Nottingham, Liverpool: the West Coast of England

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Kursnummer 18-33290
Kursbeginn Do., 22.11.2018 (Termindetails siehe unten)
Kursende Do., 22.11.2018
Kursgebühr 7,00 € (Tages-/Abendkasse)
Dauer 1 Termin
Kursleitung Anja Mennecke
Anmeldung möglichst bis 17.11.2018
Status Plätze frei
Many of us have traveled to the South of England, yet the North and the West Coast offer many points of interest too!
From the busy town of Nottingham with its long-standing historic and industrial background, and home of the Salvation Army, we will travel to Liverpool, home of the Beatles and FC Liverpool, where arts and industry meet. The people of Liverpool, or "Liverpudlians" have managed to turn a once very busy town into a mile of entertainment, museums and recreation.
Last but not least, there is Morecambe Bay and the nearby Lake District, its nature and coastline filled with beauties and mysteries to visit. There are seaside resorts, a nature reserve, art where you would not expect it - and many stories that the land and its people can tell. See with your own eyes how beautiful and diverse the North and West of England are - welcome aboard our trip!

19:00 - 20:30 Uhr
Spenge, Bürgerzentrum, Bürgerraum rechts
Poststraße 6a, 32139 Spenge

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